In a previous blog post, I was starting to tell you about how we practice what we preach when it comes to customer feedback.

We try to follow Slack’s mantra of taking feedback in any way we can. So, when the opportunity arises, we leave the office and go outside to meet our customers.

What happens at Magento Live Europe…is shared with everyone!

While in Barcelona, at Magento Live Europe 2018, Valentin realized it’s a good opportunity to validate his customer retention hypothesis with the eCommerce professionals onsite.

What started as an experiment with a couple of questions written down on his mobile phone ended up with 51 short interviews with eCommerce managers, Marketers and, C-level executives.

The topic…

The topic: how much attention and efforts do businesses allocate to retaining their customers.

The key points touched during the discussion were:

  • Market competitiveness;
  • Focus/lack of focus on retaining and engaging customers;
  • Top KPIs monitored;
  • Marketing budget allocation.

But I’m talking too much here. Without any further ado, I give you the key findings from the eCommerce Customer Retention survey conducted on-site @ Magento Live. Hope that you will find them useful for your business strategy.

And because this survey sparked an appetite to know more, the Saga continues. We are continuing the pursuit of [customer] happiness.

And we want to call out all the awesome eCommerce people to join us. To share their experience and co-create with us the next Customer Retention survey.

If you want to find out about:

  • where others are investing their marketing $$$;
  • how others are capturing and retaining their best customers;
  • if you’re prioritizing retention as much as your competitors.
Take the survey

Our aim is to reach 1,000 respondents which will constitute a solid starting point towards understanding customer retention in the eCommerce context.

Join the movement! Join the community! We’d love to see your feedback here!