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Nah, I’m kidding, don’t screenshot this just yet and shame me on social media 😂

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But that is the problem with newsletters in general, right?

They are not personalized enough!

This is Juliana Jackson, and I’m the Chief Evangelist for Omniconvert.

For some reason, our CEO,  Valentin Radu, thought that it might be a good idea to do this weekly newsletter myself, peeerhaps you guys would like to read my edgy thoughts on eCommerce growth?

Or maybe enjoy my glorious sense of humor or you simply want to learn more about what you can actually do to grow your business and cut through all that bullshit advice you read everywhere?!

Yes, I am SO with you.

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Below I have an itsy-bitsy survey meant for me to understand if you are an eCommerce business owner, a SaaS business owner or an agency or a digital marketer or one of my stalkers from LinkedIn.

I really need to know. 

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