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We have been mentioning our newest addition, ADAPT by Omniconvert, for some time now. Putting conversion rate optimization on autopilot for your e-commerce with the help of machine learning is our mission now.

Adapt by Omniconvert in brief

As a quick reminder, Adapt represents a Conversion Rate Optimization Machine Learning Algorithm, using +500 Data points to deploy +500 new experiments every 4 hours. Having gained access to more than 41,000 human-driven A/B testing experiments made by thousands of e-commerce websites, we have concluded that the best web experiments are based on 12 cognitive biases.

Adapt has a once in a lifetime setup, creates clusters of segmentation profiles, learns from what you cannot see and you can simply drag and drop what variables you want to test. It creates monumental computational experiences and all you have to do is to see which iteration of each experiment is the winner and implement it. This is how conversion rates can be increased indefinitely.

Machine learning impacts e-commerce – what to learn at the conference

On October 29th, at Impact Hub in Bucharest, Adapt’s first results will be revealed to an incredible audience of e-commerce experts. The conference will take place from 9 AM to 7 PM, a full day dedicated to bringing to life the concept of growth on autopilot.

In the first part of the event, our product will be presented in a series of surprising presentations from our CEO, Valentin Radu. In the second part, renowned speakers from leading companies across Europe will reveal how machine learning will affect e-commerce. Here are a few great names: Burc Tanir, CEO & Co-Founder at Prisync, Renata Rocha, Strategy & Business Development Director at Linx, Krzysztof Łada, CEO of 360e-com and Dominik Krzeslak, Director Channel Partner at ExpertSender.

Bringing experts together

All these renowned speakers from leading companies in Europe will be present to answer questions and give amazing insights into how to build a successful e-commerce business using machine learning.

This will be the event to get updated on the latest technologies in e-commerce!

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