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Shopify App REVEAL by Omniconvert is helping eCommerce companies prepare for Apple’s iOS 15 update with a data-driven approach to email marketing.

The creators of REVEAL salute Apple’s introduction of the Mail Privacy Protection for the Mail app and advise eCommerce stores to embrace the new update by building new email marketing strategies based on first-party data and predictive analytics.

Apple’s iOS15 update is scheduled for September 2021 and is part of a series of changes that announce the end of the third-party data era. This new update will improve privacy by allowing users to hide from trackers their IP address, location, and whether they opened an email or not.

Juliana Jackson, Chief Growth Officer at Omniconvert, encourages eCommerce businesses to prepare in advance for the iOS 15 update by focusing on data that matters:

We are well aware of all the changes occurring in the digital space. We are constantly working on supporting Direct To Consumer brands to keep up with these changes while ensuring their margins are not taking big hits. Talking about the iOS15 update, we are equipped to support our existing and new REVEAL users by providing the right strategies and clean data to inform and develop their contextual marketing strategies, so much needed as a solution to the Apple iOS15 update but also to the iOS14.5 update that was previously released.

As an advocate for pro-privacy practices, the Chief Growth Officer at Omniconvert is recommending a new approach to email marketing:

By leveraging REVEAL’s native integration with Klaviyo, Direct To Consumer brands can use their existing data to push email flows based on predictive buying cycles and email campaigns with a reduced frequency and lead-in engagement as the key performance indicator using our bespoke RFM Modelling. This way, brands can create flows and campaigns that stimulate consumers to react and interact, resulting in the possibility of tracking engagement, interest, and intent, outside the classic Click-Through-Rate and Open Rate metrics.

 As new changes arise, email marketing agencies will have access to less and less data for their campaigns. As a result, their shift towards first-party data for their email marketing strategy is inevitable.

We also want to assure all our email marketing agency partners that they will benefit from all our support in adapting to these new changes that are emerging in the digital marketing space”, Juliana Jackson emphasized.

Adam Kitchen, founder of Magnet Monster UK, Top Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency, is one of the partners that are already applying this new approach to email marketing.

Brands will have no choice but to move away from a spray-and-pray strategy to win space in the consumers’ minds on email. With open rates being difficult to track, expect a hard knock-on effect to deliverability for brands who blast their database with offers, as they increasingly see their sender reputation demolished and engaged segmentation strategy irrelevant. The emphasis will turn to who can conjure up the most creative, engaging way to interact with subscribers in their inbox. We are successfully using REVEAL’s RFM model for our clients as the most scientific way to ensure engagement remains steady and email health isn’t eroded“, said Adam Kitchen.

REVEAL is an eCommerce analytics software that uses the RFM model to help eCommerce brands identify their most valuable customers. Once those customers are identified, the user can enrich that quantitative data with Qualitative data to understand better the job that the customer hired the eCommerce brand for. Once the job is identified, the brand can change the way they communicate with consumers on all channels, position their products better to serve the outcome that consumers are looking for, but at the same time helps the brand strengthen the relationships they have with their customers, increasing loyalty and customer lifetime value.

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Omniconvert is a global SaaS company that empowers eCommerce stores worldwide to achieve customer-centricity and transform this approach to business into a source of sustainable growth. The company’s two major products currently focus on are REVEAL, their Customer Value Optimization (CVO) platform, and Explore their Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) platform. In addition to the software solutions, Omniconvert shows its commitment to helping eCommerce companies through various initiatives: the CVO Academy, an educational platform that helps people become certified CVO experts, numerous free resources such as the Real-Time eCommerce Benchmark Report, podcasts united under the Ecommerce Growth Stories umbrella, or in-depth guides on CVO and CRO.